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Obama: Rally Photo Essay

Posted by positivesinpolitics on October 24, 2008

Here’s a link to a photo essay of Barack Obama’s recent rally in Richmond, Virginia – I’ve watched it more than once, and I’ve teared up every single time.  Inspirational American politics at its very best.

(Via Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish)


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Trig Palin Growing Up on the Campaign Trail

Posted by positivesinpolitics on October 22, 2008

The Huffington Post today has a photo slideshow of the littlest Palin, baby Trig, that shows how much he’s grown since his first publicized photo from shortly after his birth. The little guy is so cute!

Sarah Palin holds baby Trig after her RNC speech; sister Bristol looks on

Sarah Palin holds baby Trig after her RNC speech; sister Bristol looks on

I don’t agree with Governor Palin’s politics, but her family is adorable. More pictures at the source.

(via The Huffington Post)

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Obamas: Soccer Dad and Mom

Posted by positivesinpolitics on October 21, 2008

Barack Obama takes a few moments away from his presidential campaign to watch his elder daughter, Malia, play in a soccer game.  The whole adorable Obama family gets into the spirit, with Michelle cheering on like a proud soccer mommy and Sasha giving her dad a hug.  The campaign trail obviously makes a candidate a little sleepy — the Senator sneaks in a few yawns.

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Why I Started Positives in Politics

Posted by positivesinpolitics on October 21, 2008

Like most of you, I lead a busy life. I’m a teacher and a graduate student. I have a home to take care of, and I spend a good deal of my time cleaning, cooking, doing yard work, and doing laundry. I write and read constantly, and it seems like I always have new projects coming into view. I’m very interested in politics, and this season, that has (as I think it has for many) become more of a second job than a hobby.

But because I’m so busy and am often tired from my everyday routines, the negative politics of this election cycle have begun to wear on me more than usual. I made up my mind long ago about which candidate I’m supporting, and I cast my absentee ballot weeks ago. I’m ready for the tenor to change; I’m hopeful that after November 4, we’ll all be able to unite again and stop the divisive and disconcerting conversations being raised in this contest.

November 4 seems like a long time from now, even though it’ll be here before anyone realizes it. But, in the meantime, to help cleanse my own political palate, I’ve decided to start this blog. Positives in Politics will be dedicated to the heartwarming and special stories that are a part of this election. Not all of the news has been nasty, and there are some aspects of this race that really make me believe in the goodness of humanity again. I’m here to highlight those stories and provide a refuge away from the glare of negativity.

That’s not to say that we should all be happy all the time in the political world. There are things being said that make me angry — in some cases, righteously so. I won’t ever claim that I am always a happy or positive person when it comes to politics — sometimes you need to be angry in order to change things that are unfair and untenable. The content on this blog is my counterbalance to those feelings, not a replacement for them. I invite anyone who may be reading to take some time out, take a deep breath, and read this blog to remember why you care about America and the political process in the first place.

Though, as I said, I obviously have a preference for one candidate over another in this race, I’ll be blogging about any positive stories that come from either side of the ticket. The one good thing about this race is that — and I firmly believe this — beneath the layers of political posturing, the four people running on the major party tickets really are good people at heart. I’m hoping to express that here.

So, to wrap this up, I hope you like these positive political moments as much as I enjoy blogging about them. Happy reading!

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